5 Ways To Make Your Shave Last Longer

by MFG

After shave ,Shaving tips for men

If you want best of everything and even manage away to get away with it, why should you settle for an okay shave? Once you get the basics right, shaving will no more be a chore. You will end up enjoying your shave and look better post it. What’s more is you can get rid of all the cons like bumps, burns and irritation. Facial hair being one of the toughest to deal with, it requires some pre and post prep to be tamed. Let us help you get the shave right and you will never face ingrown hair ever again in life.

1.Prep the face

We advise you to either shave right after a warm shower or wet your beard properly with warm water pre-shave. Now use that forever ignored bottle of pre-shave lotion. This will make the hair soft and razor will glide through it easily.

Facewash , Shaving tips

2.Apply shaving cream

Invest in a good shaving cream. A good shaving cream helps lubricate the surface for a smooth shave. Build up lather with a wet brush for more precision. Whip up the cream on your hands before putting it on your face. Then apply the cream on your face using circular motion.

Shaving cream

3.Wait for the cream to set in

After applying the shaving cream give it a few minutes to set in, whether you multitask or wait; this step should not be avoided. Use a sharp and quality razor and you can start shaving. Change your blade every 10 shaves. Dip it in hot water pre-use and post every swipe for an easy shave.

Shaving cream ,Shaving tips for men

4.Using the razor right

Always shave with the grain of your hair, meaning shave in the direction of your hair growth. Use small and short strokes and clean the razor every time. If you want to reshave post first attempt, you must lather up again to avoid razor burns.

Shaving cream ,Shaving tips for men

5.Apply aftershave

Do not just use your aftershave as a bathroom cabinet showpiece; you must make the most of this beneficial magic potion. Post shave; find an aftershave with oils that will restore your skin’s moisture back. It will soothe your skin and cool down any burns.

After shave ,Shaving tips for men


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