7 Grooming Myths Men Should Avoid

by MFG

Myths run faster than the hurricane Katrina. This storm of myths perpetually plagues Men’s grooming, and people end up having amusing notions. Here are eight myths that you should avoid being trapped in.

1. Eat and Brush

Brushing after a meal is a good way to maintain oral hygiene. But doing that immediately after is a big mistake. Brushing after eating something acidic, leads to enamel erosion. Brush after a 30 minutes gap from each meal.


2. Shaving Repeatedly Leads to Thicker Beard

This is as far away from the truth, as the moon is from the earth. Your beard density and rate of growth are determined by your genetics not frequency of shaving.


3. Cream It Up!

The more cream you use in shaving, the better will be the shave. Wrong! The truth is, all you do is exhaust your cream and burn a hole in your pocket. Focus on getting a thicker lather.

4. Headgears cause Hair Loss

Wearing a Hat or Helmet leads to hair loss is a common fear that runs amok all men. You have no control over hair loss. That is also genetic. Unless you have glued your head to the gear, you are in no way going bald.

head gear

5. Shave Downwards To Avoid Burns

This is in some way true, but it does not apply to everyone. The right technique is to shave in the direction of the hair (which could be different from some). That prevents razor burns.

6. Soap and Face

Body or Hand Soap are called so for a reason. Invest on a quality face wash. The face has more sensitive skin than your body, and soaps dry the face leading to rashes. So why would you!

soap and face

7. Chocolate Causes Acne

All that chocolate does is, it makes you happy. Biological factors like hormonal imbalance and tension, among others, lead to acne. That innocent little bar has nothing to do with it.
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