8 Hair Styling Products Every Man Should Know

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With the abundance of products available out there, it can get really confusing what each of these are meant for. This is especially true in the case of hair styling products. You name it and there is a product to serve your need, but getting it right can be a mind bending task. This is when a list such as this will come handy. We have jotted down each type of hair styling product available in the market, the texture it has and the finish it will offer.

1. Gel

This goopy product mostly comes in liquid and clear form. Gel is mostly meant for using when the hair is still damp. It offers strong hold and it does not clump hair.

Schwarzkopf Osis+ G Force Extreme Hold Gel (150 ml), Gel for Men


2. Mousse/ Foaming Cream

It mostly comes in creamy white texture and light feeling body. This can be used with both damp and dry hair. Mousse or foaming cream offers good hold and clumps hair mildly.

Schwarzkopf Taft All Weather Keratin Mousse Ultra Strong, Hair styling products for men


3. Fiber

This is a solid product that is hard, thick and white with putty like finish. Use it with damp hair while patting with finger tips in your desired direction. It clumps hair and gives a very good hold.

AMERICAN CREW FIBER , Hair styling product for men


4. Paste/Putty

It is a rubbery product that comes in various colours. Application of this product is same as that of fiber; just ensure hair is damp prior to application. It offers a good hold and clumps hair as well.

Toni & Guy Label.M Matte Paste


5. Wax

Waxes can be hard as well as soft but they are all slippery. It can be used on both wet and dry hair. It provides a soft hold which is still flexible.

TIGI Bed Head Men Matte Separation Wax


6. Pomade

This product is soft and can be of different colours. It is thick, goopy and putty like. To be used with damp hair only. It offers a soft and flexible hold and clumps hair.

Wella Professionals Smooth Brilliance Dry Pomade



Serums are clear and liquid products that can be runny and slippery. They are meant for using with dry hair. Serums give very soft and flexible finish with no hold. They help smooth hair out.

L'Oreal Professionnel Liss Unlimited hair Serum


8.Hair Spray

Hair sprays are meant for finishing any of the above looks and offering finishing touches. They hold well and provide shine. It is meant to be sprayed on areas you want to keep in place.

Toni&Guy Heat Protection Mist : High Temperature Protection


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