Dress Shoes Demystified: Know Your Dress Shoes

by MFG

Planning to get a pair of dress shoes? Even if you are not, you need to know the following to make an informed buy in the future.

1. Oxford Shoes

The staple and the classic, Oxford fits with all attires. Use black with formals. If you are going for casuals, mated brown or cognac shades are the best.

Oxford Shoes are perfect for a formal occasion.


2. The Loafer

Mostly seen with cool casuals, but not limited to them. With careful choice of material and color, you could wear them with semi-formals.


3. Dress Boots

Bring variation to your formal footwear, with these ankle length boots. They have remained a favorite for all formal occasions through decades. 


4. Monk Strap

Metallic buckle with leather strap makes this a multi-purpose shoe. Goes as well with formals as it does with a pair of denim.


5. Derby Shoe

Often confused with Oxfords, Derby has its own origin and style. Considered more comfortable than Oxfords, these were originally worn for sport and hunting. Worn mostly with formals now, Derby goes best, when you are aiming for a rugged and flamboyant appearance.


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