Five Jackets That Every Man Should Own

by MFG

Men and Jackets have a special bond. Being fashionable is a just a tertiary reason for that bond. The reason men love their jackets so much, is because it completes them. It elevates their macho-ness and boosts the alpha in them.  So every man irrespective of his personality is always inclined to jackets. These are 5, which every man must own, to quench the jacket thirst.

1. The Blue Blazer

Swing it around a dress shirt for office, or a polo for a dinner date. Blue Blazers take care of every situation perfectly.

Make sure if you are buying a piece instead of tailoring it, get it altered to your fit.

You can get this one Here.

Blue Blazer


2. The Bomber

The staple jacket that finds a home in every guy’s closet. It is more for necessity than fancy. Extremely comfortable for an everyday every-situation wear, get your bomber in the darker shades that will go well with almost everything.

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Bomber jacket


3. The Classic Leather

You don’t achieve nirvana in manhood, until you have bought your first leather jacket. Growing up watching all of your style icons donning them, from Stallone to Statham, leather jackets are what everyman yearns to have in their closet.

Get this Biker Leather Jacket Here .

Leather jacket


4. The Denim

When you are trying to amp up your casual street style, denim takes you a long way. Whether it’s a sleeveless or a full sleeves; that depends on your personal taste. If you like this one.

You can get it Here

Denim jacket


5. The Windbreaker

You may want it as a sportswear or as a protector from light rain and a chilly breeze, Windbreakers are very useful in a guy’s closet.

Team them with a pair of denim or tack pants to pull a casual look.

You can get this one Here.

Windbreaker jacket


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