Listen Up Men! Here Are 4 Essential Grooming Treatments For You’ll

by Jehana Antia

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It’s not just enough to style yourself well. If you aren’t well groomed, well…let’s just say the date you’re taking out today won’t be able to look past those unruly eyebrows. Grooming yourself well will not take away from being a ‘man’s man’. In fact, it will only help you look like a better version of yourself. Being unruly and disheveled isn’t just unattractive it is extremely putting off too.

Being well groomed doesn’t necessarily mean being a ‘product junkie’. It means visiting the barber or maybe a uni-sex salon once a while to get the job done. We’re not asking you to gel your hair everyday and nor are we asking you to file your nails, all we ask is for you to follow 4 basic treatments that help maintain not only personal hygiene but also keep you looking your dapper selves. Here are 4 basic grooming treatments every man MUST follow and also why you may need them STAT.

A Facial (yes we mean it)

While you’ll may do the eye-roll every time your girl goes for a facial let us tell you that it would do you some good too! How’s that? Your face is the primary region of your body that is exposed to the most dust particles. Not only that but the skin on your face is also so much more delicate than other parts of your body. A facial with its extractions will help unclog your pores and those white and black-heads lodged on your noes…all gone in a poof! A facial will result in clear skin and for all you oily souls out there, it will feel like magic. Trust us, we know.

Men's grooming treatments, a facial, MyFashgram

A brow clean up (no, it won’t hurt)

Believe it or not, your eyebrows require a little maintenance. You don’t want those two or three strands of hair going all rogue on your face, do you? That is why a little plucking won’t hurt no one. Make sure to get the sides trimmed and in shape too. We’re not asking you to thin your eyebrows, in fact thick eye brows help lend a distinct personality to the face and that is why all we ask of you is to maintain them well.

Men's grooming treatments, a brow clean-up, MyFashgram

A Sports Massage (to rid you of you’re many sprains and injuries)

We bet most of you’ll play one sport or another and have sometime or the other caused yourself an injury or sprain. A sports massage other than feeling absolutely amazing will target soft tissue aches and pains associated with physical activity. It will render you less likely in case of twists, sprains and muscle pulls. Other than this, a massage feels extremely therapeutic and keeps your body from looking worn out and lethargic.

Men's grooming treatments, a sports massage, MyFashgram

A Manicure And Pedicure (For God’s sake, please!)

First things first, always keep your nails short and well trimmed. Long fingernails or toenails on men not only tend to look unseemly but are a direct give-away of a man’s hygiene. Also, it won’t hurt to visit a salon once in a while and get a manicure and pedicure. It will help keep your cuticles clean and neat as will void your nails of any dirt and extra skin growth on or under them. For all of you’ll that bite your nails…stop NOW.

Men's grooming treatments, a manicure and pedicure, MyFashgram

Go on…thank us later!

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