Out For A Date ? Here Are Some Ideas Boys !

by MFG

If you’re going out on a date with a women Dress like a Man, a little grooming never killed nobody show her that you have made efforts if you want that one date to lead to another and many. So here are some date night outfit ideas

1. Movie Night

Go for the Jeans Tee Jacket and sneakers look, If it gets cold in the theater you can always pull your jacket off to keep her warm 😉


2. Chilling At Home

White Ganji, Grey sweat pants and messy hair watch her fall flat and drool all over you!


3. Weekend Out

Shorts and no not your football shorts but the Formal shorts and white shirt is the perfect fit for a weekend outing


4. Clubbing

Stick to black, Black pants and a black shirt with a statement Belt is a win wiN, If your not the shirt kind of guy then black jeans and black ganji and a leather jacket over that would melt all the girls in the club too!


5. Dinner Date

Show some effort dress up pick soft colors instead of going out and loud this time!


6. Chillin Like a Villan

If its quick run to a nearby store or you’re meeting your girl over coffee go for a polo shirt with jeans or a graphic or message tee over distress denim!


7. Match

Well there is not much thought into this! Wear your teams jersey over jeans and DON’T forget sunglasses, this is one time you and your girl can match outfits without looking like the lame mushy matching couple! Cuteness Level 9000!


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