Skin Care Tips for Men With Oily Skin

by Simi Kuriakose

One of the biggest skin issues that men all around the world have to put up with is oiliness. City pollution adds to the fret giving the face an unwanted shine. It all starts with a slight sheen on the T-area of the face at the beginning of the day to the face becoming a complete oil spill post noon. This is a severe concern for men specifically as they do not resort to the heavenly gift of make-up.

We bring you some simple tweaks to keep the oil off that dapper face.


Its absolutely essential for men to take the cleansing route every 2-3 times a week. Face washes are not enough as they do not exfoliate and rinse the skin off the settled dirt. Use a cleaner with sublime exfoliating and deep cleaning properties for better results.

Tip: Do not scrub more than 3 times a week to avoid skin dryness



Facial mists have replaced the traditional toner. It is advisable to use mist after cleansing to shut the open pores. It resorts the skin’s pH level and provides instant hydration, also not to leave out the pleasant fragrance. 

Tip: Use a spray on mist to instantly soak the excess oil from the face.



Lotion is a staple in men’s grooming towards an oil-free face. An oil-free lotion with minimal SPF helps to keep the zits at bay. Adopt the habit of applying an adequate amount of lotion before stepping out of the house everyday.

Tip: Look out for a paraben-free lotion for long lasting benefits.



Apart from the daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing, occasionally pamper yourself with a trip to the salon for a cleanup session that ends with applying a mineral extracts mask or keep one at home and apply at least once in two weeks.

Tip: Apply slightly larger quantity on the T-zone as it’s the most oily region of your face.


Tissue/Blotting papers

Tissues or blotting papers come handy when the face needs a quick fix while you’re on the go. Always keep a travel tissue pack in your bag or pocket.

Tip: Start from gentle rubbing on the T-zone followed by forehead and cheeks.

Blotting Paper

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