Top 5 Fashionable Essentials For Men This Monsoon Season

by Jehana Antia

Men's monsoon essentials, MyFashgram

Now we know that when it comes to the monsoon, women are all over the place getting prepared for the drab weather. From hair products to plastic-y shoes, snazzy umbrellas and more, they’re all well suited by the time a shower hits. But what ’bout the men? We’re aware that all you men have spent the summer stealing from your woman’s purse her chap stick and creams and what-not! Do you want to spend the monsoon out of her bag too? The answer SHOULD be no.

While during monsoons staying at home may be the best option it isn’t one. We’ve all got to be to work and then attend those many family lunches and take our gals out to the movies, don’t we? So, getting your wardrobe monsoon- ready won’t be such a bad idea after all. In fact, we think it is essential for all you men to get those closets equipped for a ‘rainy day’. Read on about the 5 essentials we think that all you men must own before it gets too late!

Colourful T-shirts To Beat The Drab Weather

It comes as no surprise that monsoon brings with it not only dampness and humidity but also cloudy and dark days. That is why we, at MFG, think that it’s important to beat those dingy days with bright colours. Put on colourful and bright tees to brighten up your day and spirits!

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Water-Friendly Shoes Please

We love our suede loafers and cloth sneakers too much to get them all misty and wet and you should too! More so, we don’t want you slipping all over town in the muck now, do we? Give your white sneakers a rest and put those loafers in the shoe-drawer and switch to water resistant shoes with rubber soles in water-friendly materials like plastic and PVC instead. There are several smart ones in the market. Hurry now!

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Spandex Denims That Dry Quickly

Love your denims too much to not wear them throughout the monsoon? We get it! That is why we aren’t asking you to ditch them; however, what we are asking of you is to swap your heavy denims for the light-weight stretchy ones instead. They have that slight spandex material added to them which enables them to dry quicker. Cool, ain’t it? Suggestion? Chooses darker denims instead of light ones ‘coz you obviously know why.

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Cheat The Rain with A Light-Weight Zip-Up Wind-Cheater

Now, we know that all you men may think that carrying an umbrella can be ‘lame’ (we don’t see it but, anyway) that is why we urge you to have that one smart looking windcheater to protect you from the rain. It may not give you full coverage, but something’s better than nothing, isn’t it? Choose a windcheater in hues of navy blue, red, black or in combos of grey and black or white and red. They’ll tend to match most of your bottoms and you won’t have to worry about ending up looking silly after all!

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A Waterproof Bag To Keep It All Together

No, those pockets cannot house everything and while you may be okay with those big bulgy pockets with everything from keys to combs and even small umbrellas (yes we’ve seen that too) stuffed inside them, the girl you’re taking out on a date isn’t okay with it!! That is why we suggest that you go in for a waterproof bag that can house all your things in one place and keep them dry. Scared they might end up looking like a ‘man purse’. Browse below and let us prove you wrong.

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