How To Get The Perfect Glitter Cut-Crease Eyes For Diwali

by Asheema A Shukla


Your eye are the windows to your soul, so why enhance it with just eyeliner alone? Today, with the help of makeup maven Devina Narang, we show you how to apply eyeshadow in a cut crease look — think of it as contouring for your eyes!

You’ll need;

  • An eye shadow primer or base
  • Warm or nude tones matte eyeshadow palette
  • Eyeshadow blending brush
  • Nude metallic shades eyeshadow palette
  • Glitter eyeliner
  • Kohl pencil
  • Mascara
  • False eyelashes
  • Black gel eyeliner
  • Face contour palette
  • Highlighter and blush
  • An angled blush brush

Step #1:

Begin by using your eye primer or base all over the lids. You could do this by using your finger tip as well.

Step #2:

You can now proceed to use your matte nude eyeshadow and apply a the warmest tone like a taupe along your crease line with a swipe of a peach tone all over your lids. Buff out the crease application with the next nearest shade to taupe for a completely blended application.

Step #3:

Define your crease application with some more eyeshadow base and then proceed towards your metallic nude palette using a blend of rose gold or copper over your lids. Do this in a dabbing motion so as to set the eyeshadow and not spread it.

Step #4:

Now use some glitter eyeliner to dab in the centre of your lids delicately for a highlighted effect and blend it away with your brush.

Step #5:

Now take some kohl and use it over the eyelash line and inner rims of the eye. You could use your black gel eyeliner over this to get a cat eye look.

Step #6:

Use some of your matte taupe shadow to apply under the lower lash line for that warm effect. After that, its time for some mascara application.

Step #7:

For a more dramatic effect you could add false lashes and don’t forget to go over it with black eyeliner to hide the eyelash glue.

Step #8:

Now step away from your pretty eyes and get over to your face with some contour and blush and use an angled blush brush for a more natural blend.

Step #9:

Apply some sheer pink lip gloss and you’re all done!

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