Ombre Lips In Just 6 Easy Steps

by Asheema A Shukla

You’ve probably seen a whole lot of dark lipsticks throughout your life and wondered if you could carry the look yourself. I mean how many times has your jaw been left hanging in the air at the sight of a celebrity killing an audaciously vamped up lip. Hues of deep ox blood, crimson, burgundy, purples, browns and even blacks have been gracing us with their presence on the lips of models, actors and bloggers all through the year. Deep goth lipsticks have been an absolute rage in 2016 and I can’t seem to find any single flaw in this chic makeup trend. Wake up your inner goth self and admire the darker colours cause ‘tis the season to rock a dark lip. No matter what your skin colour is, there is a dark lipstick out there for you.

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