Shraddha Naik Shows Us How To Master The Graphic Eyeliner Look In Under Six Steps!

by Asheema A Shukla

You may have mastered the cat-eye liner flick but there are days when everyone wishes they knew a trick or two to help spruce up their eye make-up routine just a little. And although we love a simple, unfussy flick, there are many ways to up the drama factor and take your basic eyeliner wing to new heights — enter, the graphic liner! As seen on the runways and inspired by Shraddha Kapoor take on it, makeup expert Shraddha Naik takes you through a detailed tutorial on how to master this futuristic look in just 6 steps!

As many of us know that Shraddha Naik is known to work very closely with Shraddha Kapoor ; she’s the one behind most of Shraddha Kapoor’s pretty looks and here she has recreated the graphic eyeliner look in simple steps for us :

Step #1:

Just like prepping your face for a base, your eyes require some groundwork as well before you use some eyeshadow or liner on it. This process simply helps the eyeliner stay on in place for longer. So begin by applying some eyeshadow primer to clean and dry eyelids to help avoid any creasing.

Step #2:

Continue perfecting your eyebase by using some concealer all over your lids and seal it in with some translucent powder.

Step #3:

Now it’s time to play with your eyeliner so go on and dip a pointed eyeliner brush into your favourite matte gel eyeliner pot and begin lining your upper lash line in a very thin stroke from the corners onto the point where your lashes end and then slightly move upwards to create a line just like you would for a cat-eye flick.

Step #4:

Now, at angle cut your crease with the liner and stop midway to the eyeball. Once you’ve create the base line, its now time go back over it and thicken it up ever so slightly.

Step #5:

Now take an eyelash curler and blast it some hot air from a blow dryer that will help with a long lasting curl, but be sure to check that its not too hot before you proceed to use it on your lashes. After you curl your lashes, follow up with a coat of mascara.

Step #6:

Feel free to add some more drama to the look by adding false lashes to your eyes.

Your graphic eyeliner is now done and ready to wow the crowd at your next music festival or party you plan to head to!

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