15 Facts You Not Knew About Valentine’s Day 2020

Offering flowers, chocolate, and heart-shaped cards are common habits on Valentine’s Day. But do we bother with those customs anyhow?

Why  celebrate we it on valentine day

Ah, the most crucial of Valentine’s Day details: why it is celebrated on the 14th of February. February 14 is the feast of St. Valentine, a Catholic saint that had been executed by Roman Emperor Claudius II on this date sometime during the next century A.D.. Many legends surround the main reason behind his death sentence. The very popular one says that he had been a priest that married young couples following Claudius outlawed marriage for young guys (apparently they had been better soldiers if they were not romantically attached). Still another says he helped rescue Catholics that have been imprisoned because of their religious beliefs. On the other hand, the vacation might have been encouraged to overshadow the pagan festival Lupercalia. Crude as it might look, people thought that this made women more fertile, and girls really lined up for slapped with damn hides. From the fifth century, Pope Gelasius I outlawed Lupercalia and formally announced February 14 Valentine’s Day. These other Valentine’s customs from all over the planet are not as gruesome.

Why we give out roses by valentine day

Back in the Victorian age, individuals expressed their feelings through floriography, or the language of flowers. Giving a specific sort of flower hauled a particular message, and crimson roses intended love. Todaythey take the exact same symbol of love –and they are really affordable. America buys enormous quantities from big farms in Colombia and Ecuador, in which the price of labor is reduced. Then they are hauled on refrigerated planes and arrive stateside in only three or four times. The reason why these summer blossoms bloom in February? Growers control what dimensions they are stored in to make them available in time for Valentine’s Day. Needing Valentine’s Day facts?

Why we send cards by valentine day

As printing technology enhanced, handwritten messages shortly gave way to cards that were readymade. They’re easy to fill out while still feeling honest, and very low postage rates made them economical to ship. The clinic reached America from the 1840s when Esther Howland, a student at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, determined she can make cards pretty as the British ones. She began the New England Valentine Co. and made $100,000 in yearly earnings, making the name”Mother of the American Valentine.” Now, roughly 114 million cards have been sent out every Valentine’s Day. That is exactly what your Valentine card option says about you.

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