Alia Bhatt’s Semi-Formal Style Is One To Take Inspiration From

by Jehana Antia

Alia Bhatt in Zadig and Voltaire and Vero Moda, MyFashgram

How many times have you been stumped with invites that say ‘semi-formal dress code’? Mastering semi-formals isn’t always an easy task. It’s all about balance and of course acing style. While you don’t want to end up looking too casual, you don’t want to look over-dresses either, right? The dilemma! Well, today, we’ve got you one actress to take inspiration from.

Looking cute as a button, Alia Bhatt has paired her casual denim jacket over a rather formal dress and made it work in complete unison. There’s no doubt that Alia has mastered not just the balance of it all but the swag and confidence to do so too!

What She Wore

Styled by celebrity stylists Ami Patel and Sanjay Kumar Dauhaliya, Alia looked gorgeous in a light peach Zadig Voltaire A-line dress. The simple midi made the actress look every bit ladylike and the slight lace detailing at the neck lent a very sexy vibe to the look. Alia paired her look with an ONLY denim jacket which she casually draped around her shoulders. The denim lent a swag vibe to the otherwise formal look.

Shoes & Accessories

The actress went with transparent strapped Aldo block-heels to complete her outfit. The slight blue lining on the straps matched her denim jacket thus looking rather coordinated.

Alia Bhatt in Zadig and Voltaire and Vero Moda, MyFashgram

Hair & Makeup

The actress left her hair open and let her locks gently fall over her shoulders. As for her makeup, Alia went with a light and subtle look like most times and opted for a muted tone of red for her lips.


We are completely sold on Alia’s look. The actress has managed to make an otherwise rather formal dress look casual by throwing over her denim layer. Then there are her ultra stylised heels which match her outfit ingeniously and we’re just stumped! But of course, we don’t expect any less from Ami Patel and Alia.

Image Credit: Instagram

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