Shraddha Kapoor Proves Why You Need Metallics In Your Wardrobe ASAP

by Jehana Antia

Shraddha Kapoor in Norblack Norwhite at Hair and Care, Myfashgram

In bygone years, flashy fashion statements were saved for the dark, for evening outings, whilst clubbing, for late-night parties, etc. Thanks to the metallic trend that has taken the fashion scene by quite a storm, no more do we have to save our bling for the night. One actress who seems to be loving this (like we do) is Shraddha Kapoor. Not new to the trend (remember her casual metallic tee), Shraddha was seen working this beloved trend yet again making quite an impressive fashion statement.

The actress opted to go metallic for a Hair & Care product launch event and worked them like a boss. In total ease, she pulled off the garb that some might have stayed vary of. We think she killed it. Browse on and tell us what you think of Shraddha’s look.

What She Wore

Styled by celeb stylist Shaleena Nathani and assisted by Khush Patel and Shivani Shetty, Shraddha went for NorBlack NorWhite metallic separates. Being the experimental soul she is, Shraddha opted for a pleated midi multi-coloured high-rise skirt and paired it with a matching metallic bomber jacket. Leaving the jacket open and folding the sleeves at her elbow, she broke the monotony expertly with a grey t-shirt. Boss-like don’t you think?

Shraddha Kapoor in Norblack Norwhite at Hair and Care, Myfashgram

Shoes & Accessories

The Half Girlfriend actress went for baby blue Christian Louboutain heels to complete the look. Blue being the dominant colour in the multi-hued ensemble, the shoes made for a perfect pick. Shraddha went with big silver hoops from Valliyan to accessorise with. Letting her outfit do all the talking, Shraddha kept it minimal with the jewellery.

Hair & Makeup

Makeup artist Shraddha Naik knew too well to tone down the look and so she kept the actress’ makeup very light and nude. With slight golden eyeshadow and pink to her lips, Shraddha managed to look just perfect. Franco Vallelonga, the diva’s hair stylist left Shraddha’s hair in loose in soft locks that gently fell over her shoulders.

Shraddha Kapoor in Norblack Norwhite at Hair and Care, Myfashgram


It’s no easy task to wear metallics in the day and be able to pull it off without looking overdone. But, our girl Shraddha managed to do it in complete comfort and we’ve got to hand it to her. Knowing too well that the skirt and jacket may get ‘a little too much’ at any point, Shraddha clearly broke the bling going on with a plain tee and simple heels. A very well executed look… but then we expect nothing less from Nathani now, do we?

Image Credit: Viral Bhayani

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