IIFA 2017: The Detail In Varun Dhawan’s Classic Ensemble You Probably Missed

by Kiran Kaur

Varun Dhawan, IIFA Awards 2017, Red Carpet Style, MyFashgram


After days of anticipation and expectation, the IIFA Awards 2017 finally concluded last night on July 15, 2017. And from the sartorial dram we saw unfolding on the “green carpet,” it would be safe to say that it was all worth the wait. And one among the many celebs to have impressed us with his fashion statements was Varun Dhawan. Right from his classy airport attire to his formal-meets-casual press con ensemble to his classic formals at the IIFA Rocks, the actor seems to be on a roll with one sharp appearance after another. And you’d think it might have been difficult for him to match the quirk quotient of his blazer-shirt and his man heels, but he’s here to prove you wrong. The actor recently walked the IIFA 2017 green carpet in a polished tux but not without a twist.

A lowdown of Varun’s formal style statement…

What He Wore

Styled by Kunal Rawal, Varun was seen working a black tuxedo by Armani that he layered over a crisp white Gucci shirt featuring a floral embroidery on the cuffs. And irrespective of the size of this detail, it sure captured the interest of several fashion experts.

Varun Dhawan, IIFA Awards 2017, Red Carpet Style, MyFashgram

Shoes & Accessories

Varun then replaced the tie with a sleek black bowtie, also from Gucci and stepped into a pair of polished black YSLs to add the perfect punctuation to his ensemble.

Varun Dhawan, IIFA Awards 2017, Red Carpet Style, MyFashgram


As a general rule, there is little we don’t approve in Varun’s wardrobe but with this latest outing of his the actor sure has made it to our fashion favourites list. We like how the look is well balanced between classy masculanity and quirky androgyny, something that Kunal deserves full credit of. A perfect score for both, the awesome look and the amazing swag it’s been carried with.

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