Rihanna Or Celine Dion: Who Worked The YSL Glitter Boots Better?

by Kiran Kaur

Rihanna and Celine Dion in YSL Crystal Boots Shimmer Boots, Paris Couture Week, MyFashgram


Back in March this year, Anthony Vaccarello created quite a monstrous wave among fashion lovers, in general, and the footwear-obsessed gang, in particular, when he sent a slouchy, shimmery, crystal-embellished knee boot, amidst other black and tan ones, down the Fall 2017 runway of Yves Saint Laurent. The boot instantly became a talking point of the season, the highlight of the show AND a major rage among celebrity fashionistas. The buzz was further fuelled when Rihanna sported them within days of them being showcased and decided to give the world a major shoe envy by gramming a pic of hers with a caption that read, “Phresh of the runway.” We are assuming the pun here isn’t lost on anyone.

Though it is very less likely for a fashion addict to ever forget a vision like the one Rihanna was in her bling boots, for those who need a reminder, here’s the pic we’re talking about…

Rihanna in YSL Crystal Boots, MyFashgram

The songstress donned a graphic white tee layered under an oversized black jacket that she teamed with a pair of distressed jeans. For once, the shoe wasn’t a supporting side-kick of the ensemble, it was the other way around with her boots being the primary focal point. RiRi then added some more bling to her look by way of her studded, oversized hoops that further complemented her boots.

Roughly four months since Rihanna made every girl go green with envy, we have Celine Dion repeating history with the exact same YSL boot that’s already caused several heartbreaks. And if Rihanna’s look was something that made you cry, we suggest that you avoid looking at Dion for too long. Yes, THAT IS how outrageously gorgeous she looked in one of her recent outings during the Paris Couture Week 2017.

Celine Dion in YSL Crystal Boots Shimmer Boots, Paris Couture Week, MyFashgram

Styled by Law Roach, Celine went head-to-toe in YSL sporting a basic black tee, a pair of black skinnies and a black bomber featuring a studded collar. She lugged on a black Dior bag (because that’s where all her bags come from) to complete her ensemble. Her severe knot gave a clear view of her classy diamond studs. Bold, smoky eyes and nude lips rounded off her look.

For those who need a clearer view at those oh-so-glam boots, here, check’em out…

YSL Crystal Boots, MyFashgram

So, who do you think worked these beautifully bling knee-highs better – Celine Dion or Rihanna? Let us know in the comments section below!

Image Credit: Instagram and Just Jared

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