MyFash Picks Animal Inspired Jewellery From Love Sword

by MFG

Animal Inspired Jewellery From Love Sword

Loupe’s latest fantasy-based contemporary jewellery collection, Love Sword, presents a stylish range of edgy and artistic jewellery that showcases beautifully handcrafted, Swarovski  encrusted, armour inspired jewellery.

Exquisitely designed in five houses of  distinct styles – House of Lion, , House of Wolf, House of Deer, House  of Sin and House of  Fashion; the intricately sculpted avant-garde range is styled for today’s fashion conscious stylista.

The sword plays an integral part of the collection where each piece of jewellery has been styled as a sword with the house emblem to represent the house it stands for.

MyFash Pick #1: Oh Deer, here is a twist to animal inspired jewellery


MyFash Pick #2: Glam up with gold and emeralds


MyFash Picks #3: The Trusty Old Owl


MyFash Pick #4: Roar your fashion statement with these fierce pieces


MyFash Pick #5: Wolfs are the new black; they are always in vogue and can take the edge in your outfit from zero to 100


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