Styling Hacks: Cheat Your Way To Longer Legs With These Wardrobe Fixes

by Asheema A Shukla

Styling Hacks:Cheat Your Way To Longer Legs With A Few Wardrobe Fixes, Appearances

Being short is great — people always refer to you as the cutest one, a lot of your tees’ and shirts can pass for a shirt-dress and the best advantage of all…heels were made for you! Which means that you can aspire to have to have a shoe wardrobe as big as Carrie Bradshaw’s someday. Benefits aside, there are days when you just want to pass off as a taller girl or at least offer the illusion of it. Well, we share a similar sentiment which is why we are doling out a few tried-and-true styling cheats that celebrate your pint-sized proportions and lift you up.

Higher purpose

Ever wondered why your legs appeared short no matter how many dark coloured trousers or skirts you purchased? Well, it’s probably because you never knew that a waistline could perform a lot more illusionary magic compared what a darker colour could do. High-waistlines are the way to go when it comes to your bottoms — whether you opt for skirts, jeans or trousers, high-waisted bottoms when paired with a slim-fitting top can do a lot to enhance the appearance of height and cinch your waist whilst offering you a rather refined silhouette. When purchasing a high-waisted trouser, it’s always best to perform a ‘sit-test’ — simply sit down sideways across from a mirror after trying on the bottom to check for any unflattering bulges of fabric that might look unsightly. In such cases, it is advisable to opt for trousers without waist pleats.

Styling hacks for longer legs, Pleat detail trousers, Mango, Appearances


Styling hacks for longer legs, SKIRT WITH CONTRASTING TOPSTITCHING, Zara, Appearances



Slip into the slits

Showing a little leg is always a good idea, and you’re probably already well aware of how great miniskirts and baby-doll dresses look on you. But if you have a strong aversion towards maxi or midi styles out of the fear of looking shorter, then you’re in for quite a relief because higher slits are the answer! These dresses and skirts offer so much more than just an extra peek of leg —a slit creates a flattering vertical line that makes you appear leaner and taller. So go on and flaunt that leg, just don’t forget to pair it with the best peep-toe platforms you have.

Styling hacks for longer legs, Front Slit Maxi Dress, Koovs, KOOVS.com, Appearances


Styling hacks for longer legs, Striped linen-blend skirt, Mango, Appearances


Crop up

We’ve always said, “One person’s skinny jean is another person’s nightmare”. Ill-favoured hemlines that scrunch up like a churidar are probably your worst enemy and are the biggest culprit that tend to go ignored by the wearer. They do absolutely nothing for you — not only do they stunt your height but they also make muscular legs appear chunkier than they are. Instead of letting your jeans or jeggings bunch up at the bottom, have them cropped to reveal your ankles. There’s just something about showing off your ankles that lengthen your legs, especially when paired with a great platform heel and a pretty tucked in top. P.S. It’s always wise to make friends with a local tailor to have your store-bought or online purchases altered.

Styling hacks for longer legs, CAPRI TROUSERS, Zara, Appearances


Styling hacks for longer legs, Kate regular waist jeans, Mango, Appearances


Towering heights

While it’s no secret that heels are a short girl’s best friend, there’s a lot more to picking the right pair that will not only look great but also give you the supermodel legs you crave. Select a pointed-toe variation even when it comes to flats, as they will visually stretch your legs and feet outward compared to a rounded-toe shoe that can make you appear stumpy. Brownie points for scoring a pair of nude pointy-toe pumps to match your skin tone as they will perform double-duty by subtly blending in with your legs so you appear leaner and longer with height. Just remember to pair pointed shoes with an ankle-grazing bottom.


Styling hacks for longer legs, Patent leather heel shoes, Mango, Appearances


Styling hacks for longer legs, VAMP D’ORSAY SHOES, Zara, Appearances


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