Styling Zodiac Signs – Leo

by Shalini Mohanty

Styling Zodiac Signs - Leo

Ever had styling tips dished out to you, based on your zodiac? Well then, Fashioscope is our latest fun segment at Myfashgram which gets you styling tips and advice according to your zodiac sign! And since right now we are celebrating Leo women all around the world, let’s see your style file at Myfashgram!

Truly the golden girl of the zodiac, the Leo can look like she’s been bathed in a gorgeous warm honey-hued glow. Gorgeous in gold, the colour really is the lucky colour of golden girl!

Leo fashion should highlight the shining star power of lady lion, hence it should come as no suprise if she goes for gold, of course. This sign should always be centre of attention, after all, they’re warm, entertaining and exciting, just like a campfire! They’re often the theatrical type – so let them steal the show!

Leo should bathe in sunny gold shades any day of the year, whether it’s a midas touch of pale gold shimmer, a bounty of bronze tones or full on golden rays to bask in.

#DesignerPick – Moschino FW 2017 RTW

Ostentatious and dramatic, the luscious Leo can carry the exaggerated details of Baroque style, its opulence and exuberance with ease. Made for the aristocracy and those with power, baroque is woven into our culture as a way to impress and express riches and control. Lesser mortals would shy away from this statement dressing; highly artistic, dramatic and grandiose, the style from Moschino FW 2017 suits the Leo so!

Styling Zodiac Signs - Leo, Moschino FW 2017

Your Fashion Instinct.

Apart from the gold colour, the pussycat of the zodiac that rules the big cats also has an affinity for their prints. Luscious Leo is the sign that can effortlessly pull this look off with full on trim fur! Cat ears are also an option to consider! Brown is boring (a little, okay!). Gold can be over the top at times.

But burnt orange? It’s a Leo color, and phew, it’s hot!

Leo wears warm or burnt oranges very well, with the sunny tones working wonders for their personas. This shade is not for wall flowers. A bright, burnt orange should be worn proudly with confidence. Up the ante with a dress that speaks volumes, with billowing length and added drama…

Styling Zodiac Signs - Leo, Streetstyle

Famous Leo Fashionistas.

Jennifer Lopez. Charlize Theron. Jacqueline Fernandez.

Styling Zodiac Signs - Leo,Jennifer Lopez. Charlize Theron. Jacqueline Fernandez.


The right mix of gold, orange some embroidery finery and the most confident attitude is the best #OOTD for our Leo. Sensual lace black dress, dramatic overcoat, shiny new pumps and a sleek clutch is a consummate Leo outfit, no?

Styling Zodiac Signs - Leo, Zara , Dress , Jacket , Shoes

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