Vero Moda And Only Bring To You Their Stylised New Autumn/Winter Collections

by Jehana Antia

Vero Moda and Only Autumn/Winter collections, MyFashgram

With a change in weather comes a change in wardrobe and in style. Wouldn’t you agree? Not only do ‘essentials’ change but also trends and fads do too! Well, lucky for you today, we’ve got you not one but two high-street brands and their new collections to sport in the coming seasons. We’re talking about Vero Moda and Only! Both the brands have released their Autumn/Winter collections for the year and might we say you’ll want a peek into them STAT!

Vero Moda, one of Europe’s largest clothing brands, introduces for the first time ever a collection that is not only extremely stylish but also eco-friendly. The capsule named ‘Aware’ is a collection that exudes a cool, strong and sophisticated vibe and one that includes not only work essentials but also trendy pieces for date-night and Sunday brunches. From trendy cropped pants to blazers, flare dresses and coats, this collection is one to keep an eye out for! Not only that, they’re even bringing back the classic velvet seen on several couture ramps off-late. What about accessories and shoes? That too of course!

Vero Moda new autumn/winter collections, MyFashgram

Only, another European major-domo in the fashion space has come out with several capsules to suit your constantly changing wardrobe preferences! If you’re in the mood to bring out the rock-chic side of you, they have their ‘Grunge On The Praire’ collection filled with embroidered denim, jumpsuits and more. And their ‘Star Gazer’ theme brings you a playful planetary conversation of floral and cosmic prints. Cool, isn’t it? Other than that, they have several other capsules to satiate your ever-changing fashionable fads. For all you denim aficionados… there’s ‘Denimission’ for you too!

Only new autumn/winter collections, MyFashgram

We’re excited, aren’t you?

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