8 Celebrities To Inspire You To Try The Lax Bro Haircut STAT

by Jehana Antia

The lax bro cut for men, MyFashgram

It’s never an easy task to get all you men to try out something new with your hair (don’t try denying it), we know. Either you’ll go for the ‘tried and tested’ or you’ll just end up looking all crazy after trying out something new on a whim. However, that shouldn’t be the case! We here at MFG have got you all the solutions (but you knew that already). Today, we’re here to solve your massive hair dilemmas with an uber cool new haircut.

While there maybe so many new hairstyles to try out, we’ve got you the one that several celebrities are crushing on RN. What’s that you ask? The ‘Lax Bro’ cut it is. Haven’t you’ll all dreamed of having those locks that didn’t need constant grooming and looking after? Well, you’re dream has finally come true. Touted as the haircut for men this drab monsoon, the lax bro cut refers to the semi-long ‘grungy’ look. Termed as ‘Bro Flow’ by GQ Magazine, the cut is extreme low maintenance and is easy to style. You could have on a hat and let them peep from underneath like Tiger or leave them loose or you could go for a high-top half bun like Ritesh or you could just let them be like Bradley, whatever suits you best!

Love what you just heard? We’ve got you 8 celebrities from Bolly and Holly alike, to inspire you further! Browse through and tell us which one you pick for reference to take to that trusted barber of yours!

With a little fringe like Shahid Kapoor

The lax bro cut for men, Shahid Kapoor, MyFashgram

The unruly look like Dev Patel

The lax bro cut for men, Dev Patel, MyFashgram

Put a hat on it like Tiger Shroff

The lax bro cut for men, Tiger Shroff, MyFashgram

Go messy like Milo Ventimiglia

The lax bro cut for men,Milo Ventimiglia, MyFashgram

Knot it up like Ritesh Deshmukh

The lax bro cut for men, Ritesh Deshmukh, MyFashgram

Do it with a mustache like Ranveer Singh

The lax bro cut for men, Ranveer Singh, MyFashgram

Attempt the rebellious look like Keanu Reeves

The lax bro cut for men, Keanu Reeves MyFashgram

Keep it clean like Bradley Cooper

The lax bro cut for men, Bradley Cooper, MyFashgram

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