Everything You Need To Know About The Male Romper Is In Here!

by Jehana Antia

Rompers for men, MyFashgram

Setting the Internet ablaze is the one fashion trend that men, globally, can’t seem to wrap their heads around. We’re talking about the male romper boys! What started out as a bid to raise funds for ‘RompHim’ on a crowdfunding website named Kickstarter has today created a MAJE fuss revolving around the all-in-one piece. Even bigwigs in the fashion industry like Louis Vuitton and Valentino showcased the male romper on their ramps in their spring/summer 2017 collections. Have you gotten to try out the ‘bromper’ yet?

If you haven’t, it’s time to! In fact, the male romper isn’t as difficult to style as you might think. You could opt for a one-piece that can be styled casually for a brunch date and if you’re a denim fanatic then you could go for a head-to-toe denim look and even layer inside with a tee or accessorise on top with a scarf.

Rompers for men, the denim romper, MyFashgram

And if you’ve got ‘casual day at work’, you could even ‘romp’ it up at the office like this…

531x531-Rompers for men, casual rompers, MyFashgram

Like what you just read? Go on, be experimental and shop the below options to try out the romper. Let us know what your experience was like cause we’re intrigued!

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Rompers for men, Roadster romper, MyFashgram

Rompers for men, Noble Faith romper, MyFashgram

Rompers for men, Fugazee romper, MyFashgram

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