Men, Here’s Your Ultimate Guide To Sporting The Denim Jacket

by Jehana Antia

How to wear a denim jacket for men, MyFashgram

Denim has come to be a classic amongst both men and women and the denim jacket has earned its rightful position in fashionable circles today. And just as how the chic layer has become an ‘essential’ in a woman’s wardrobe, no man’s wardrobe is complete without it either! From Daniel Craig to David Beckham, several fashion-forward men swear by the denim jacket to elevate their style-game. There are also many ways of styling the layer. You could use it as a mid-layer or as a lightweight top layer and style it casually as well as semi casually. Here’s how…

If you’re a man who likes his shorts, spruce up your casual brunch look by throwing over a denim jacket and pair the look with some sneakers like this…

How to wear a denim jacket over shorts for men, MyFashgram

And if you’re one to sport your chinos times too many, simply spruce up your look with a denim jacket and maybe throw in a turtleneck tee to stand out like this…

How to wear a denim jacket over chinos for men, MyFashgram

For the more experimental souls, sport the denim jacket in a semi-formal space over a formal vest and even throw in a tie. Who knew, right?

How to wear a denim jacket over a vest, MyFashgram

And for all you denim aficionados, sport your blue jeans with your denim jacket fearlessly without wondering whether you might look ‘too over done’.

How to wear denim over denim for men, MyFashgram

Boys, just make sure the jacket fits well and let your denim do all the talking for you.

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